Born in Tetuan, Morocco, in 1956, living and working in Madrid, Spain.

1979 - Graduated in Fine Arts at the National School of Fine Arts in Tetuan, Morocco.

1985 - B.A. at the Faculty of Fine Arts, University Complutense de Madrid.

1987 - Monographyc courses at Art History Department of the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the University Autónoma de Madrid.



2014 - Fragility paper "Morocco in the Wulff Castle, Viña del Mar", Valparaiso, Chile.

2014 - Lab 24, Villas Arts Rabat and Casablanca. ONA Foundation. Morocco.

2013 - Fragility of Memory / Metamorphosis Paper. Showroom Gallery Brita Prinz. Madrid.

2012 -  Parables & Puzzles. La Maison de la Gravure Méditerranée, Castelnau le Lez, Montpellier, France.

2010 - Fragility of paper within the framework, Convergences and divergences. Organized by the II Congress International Hispano-African. Literary Studies: Africa and peripheral writings in Spanish.  Instituto Cervantes, Alcalá de Henares, Madrid. (MUA), Museum University of Alicante

2009 / 10- Spaces of paper. Etching.  Exposure route to the Centers of the Cervantes Institute in Morocco. Tetouan, Fez, Marrakech, Rabat and Tangier. As part of the print Tetouan project of the French Institute and co-organized by the Cervantes Institute and the Institute of Fine Arts in Tetouan in collaboration with Casa Árabe and Provincial Council of Toledo.

2007 - Specular Reflections. Etching, painting and installations. Organized by Casa Arabe. Room Cruce, Madrid.

2006- Etching, installation and video. National Archaeological Museum of Cagliari, organized by the Casa Falconieri, Sardinia, Italy.

2003 - Etching, painting and sculpture. Parabolic Series 2001-2003. Cultural Center Juan de Mariana, Toledo.

2000 - Barcelona Triptic . Paintings, Etchings and collage. Artfactum Gallery, Barcelona.

1997 - Etching, painting and collage. Arte in Città Gallery, Rome.

1994 - Connotations. Etchings. Les Arcades Room, Institut de Beauté, Geneva.

1992 - Connotations. Etchings. Sala Mariano Bertuchi de Tetuan, organized Spanish Cultural Center and Delegation of Culture of Tetuan, Morocco.

1988 - Indications. Sala Picasso, Colmenar Viejo, Madrid.

1987 - Rename. Paintings. Summer Gallery, Madrid.

1987 - Efervescencias. Paintings. Louvre Libro Gallery, Brasilia.

1987 - Efervescencias. Paintings. Department of Design, University of Brasilia, Brazil.

1987 - Efervescencias. Paintings. Art Nucleus, Portinari Room, Sao Paolo.

1984 - Diary of a city called Beirut. Original illustrations. Asociación de Amistad Hispano-Arabic, Madrid.

1982 - Reminiscencias, Arabic theme paintings. Arab cultural week. Department of Arab and Islam, University Autónoma de Madrid.


2015 - Exhibition / International Symposium of Contemporary Art in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, the MAC-Asilah, Morocco.
Abdesalam Hadiri, Jarid Ahmed, Amina Reki, André Elbaz, Benyounes Amirouch, Brahim Bashiri Farouk Yousef, Kileen Fatima Hassan Badreddine, Khalid El Bekay, Monia Touiss Mostafa Chebbak Housbane Said, Said Messari Tawfik Chichani.
2015 - 50 years of painting in Morocco. AMAP (Moroccan Association for Plastic Arts) and the SMAPP (Moroccan Syndical of Plastic Artists Professionals). From January 10 to February 28, 2015 at the Art Space Médiathèque of Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca. From March 7 to April 30, 2015 at the Museum Palmeraie of Marrakech,.

2014 - Said Messari presented by La Maison de la Gravure Mediterranean and ABconnexion ARTEYRAN, 1st Salon of Art Contemporary, Teyran, France.

2014 - Diwan / Calligraphy Video / Kunsttemple-Kassel, Germany. Hashim Asieleidin, Bahaiden, Zaki Al Said and Maboren Messari.

2014 - Workshop / International Symposium of Contemporary Art in the Mediterranean and the Middle East, the MAC-Asilah, Morocco. Abdesalam Hadiri, Jarid Ahmed, Amina Reki, André Elbaz, Benyounes Amirouch, Brahim Bashiri Farouk Yousef, Kileen Fatima Hassan Badreddine, Khalid El Bekay, Monia Touiss Mostafa Chebbak Housbane Said, Said Messari Tawfik Chichani.

2014 - 11th Dakar Biennale of Contemporary African Art, presented by Contemporary Art Center Essaouira.

2013 - Multiple Visions. Collective Exposition, Sofitel Casablanca Tour Blanche. Casablanca.

2013 - Trans-Communication, Salon IMPRESSION (S). Organized by the Maison and Mac'a Etching of contemporary printmaking exhibition Méditerranée, Cloitre Saint Louis, Avignon.
- Memory paper II. New home the art to the House of contemporary art, MACA, Asilah. organized by the Association for art and culture, in partnership with the foundation of the Asilah forum. Morocco

2012 - Metamorphoses paper. Installation, Labyrinth Festival 2012, Slubice, Poland.
2012 - Memoire du papier II. au nouveau foyer d´art à Asilah MACA, La Maison de l'art contemporain, Asilah. organizée par l'Association pour l'art et la culture, en partenariat avec la Fondation du forum d'Asilah

2012 - Communication: Memory of paper. Selected work to XL Price Graphic Arts International. Carmen Arozena 2012, Space Brita Prinz, Madrid. Casa Palacio Salazar, Island La Palma. Spain.

2012 - Parables & Puzzles Artnîm 13th Edition, International Contemporary Art Fair 2012, Stand, La Maison de la Gravure Méditerranée, Montpellier. France

2012 - Memory of paper. I Biennial International to Casablanca. Morocco.

2012 - Parables & Puzzles. Lille Art Fair 2012, Stall, La Maison de la Gravure Méditerranée, Montpellier. France.

2012 - Parables & Puzzles. 12th Salon du Livre D ‘Artist, Carré d’Art Library Wall Foster. Exhibition organized by the La Maison de la Gravure Méditerranée to Nimes. France.

2011 - 21 Artists from Morocco convergence of looks Rabat Sale Airport. Organized by National Airports Office and the Centre of Contemporary Art Essaouira. Morocco.

2011 - Regards Crusader, the French Institute of Marrakech. Organized by the French Institute and Magazine Maroc Premium, Marrakesh. Morocco

2011 - II Encounters in Rabat Contemporary art at the Sofitel Rabat, Jardin des Roses, organized by Maroc Premium and Sofitel Luxure Hotels.

2010 - Multiple, 30 artists 100 works, graphic works exhibition. Karim Bennani Foundation for the Arts to culture, Rabat.Morocco.

2009 - Creation Plural, selection of works made between 2006 to 2009 in the Etching workshop of the French Institute Tanger-Tetouan. Exhibited at the Delacroix Gallery, Tangier, Morocco. La Maison de la Gravure Méditerranée, France to the Abdelkbir Khatibi Gallery, El Jadida, Morocco.

2008 - Madrid temptation Room International Collective of Independent Artists and New Art Spaces. Retiro Park of Madrid.

2008 - Independent language, The Guardian Hay Festival Segovia, along with Michèle Magema. Casa de Siglo XV Gallery. Segovia.

2008 - XXX Moussem (Festival) International Cultural Asilah, Six artists living under other skies. Organized by the Asilah Forum Foundation, Morocco.

2008 - XXX Biennial Pontevedra. Without borders, artistic convergences Hispano-Maghreb’s, Museum of Pontevedra.

2007 - GENAPIII, Third Grand National Exhibition of Plastics Art, The return to figuration (Bab Rouah, Bab Lekbir and Mohammed El Fassi), organizad by the Association Atelier Village d´artists and the Ministry of Culture. Rabat, Morocco.

2006 - Ways To see, 16 Hispanic-Moroccan Artists Installations in the Harbour station of the Port of Algeciras, Directed by Curator Magda Belloti, Within the programme; Centenary of the Agreement of Algeciras.

2005 - GENAPII, Second Great National Exhibition of Plastics Art, Cartography of Styles (Forum de Culturas Ex- Cathedral Sacré Coeur). Organized by the Village des Ateliers d´Artiste Association and the Ministry of Culture. Casablanca, Morocco.

2003 - Signs of nearby places, Contemporary experimental Etching . Civic Archeological Museum, Villa Abbas- Sardara, organized by Casa Falconieri, Cagliari, Sardinia.

2003 - Spain and its Ejidos, Illustrations from the book of Juan Goytisolo. Trovador Gallery, Madrid.

2002 - Etching workshop, XXIV Moussem International Cultural Festival of Asilah, Organized by the Asilah Foundation Forum de, Morocco.

2001 - Morocco in the Port of the Arts 2001. Etchings. IV Cycle of Contemporary Art of the Rábida, Huelva.

2001 - Morocco in Almeria. Etchings. Acanto Gallery, Almeria.

2000 - Morocco, invited country. Etching and collage. VIII Edition of Estampa, the International Room of Etching and Contemporany Art Editions, Madrid.

2000 - I Festival of Créateurs Marocains a l´etranger, Casablanca. Organized by the Ministry of Cultural Affairs of Morocco.

1999 - Crossed Visions. Paintings. Headquarters of the Cervantes Institute in Tetuan, Tánger and Casablanca; National gallery Bab El-kebir, Rabat. Organized by the Delegation of Toledo, with the collaboration of the School of Translators of Toledo, Spanish Cooperation and the Cervantes Institute in Morocco.

1998 - Crossed Visions. Paintings. San Ildefonso Cultural Centre, Toledo. Organized by Provincial Council of Toledo, with School Translators of Toledo.

1994 - Word, gesture and freedom. Paintings. Casa del Cordon, Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic.

1994 - International Print Exhibition Miniature 7. Galleri Gamlebyen, Fredrikstad, Norway.

1993 - Small worlds. Painting. Progreso Gallery, Madrid.

1991 - International Print Exhibition Miniature 6. Galleri Gamlebyen, Fredrikstad, Norway.

1990 - International Print Exhibition Miniature 5. Galleri Gamlebyen, Fredrikstad, Norway.

1989 - VI Prize of Etching, Maximo Ramos, Ferrol (Galicia)

1989 - XI Art Encounter, Room Picasso , Colmenar Viejo, Madrid.

1989 - I Encounter of Hispanic-Moroccan Intellectuals. Artists from the School of Fine Arts in Tetuan, Marrakech.

1989 - Seven Moroccan painters, Guayania, Brazil.

1988 - Art Group Anawat. Paintings. Salas Capitulares, Córdoba.

1988 - I International Art Encounter, Brasilia.

1987 - 90 hours of contemporary painting. Paintings. Journal gallery of Brasilia.

1987 - I Exibition of Plastics Arts at the International Club of Brasilia. Brasilia.

1986 - III Young Artists. Paintings. Casa del Reloj, City council of Madrid.

1986 - International painters in Madrid. Sumer Gallery, Madrid.

1984 - Exhibition of Arabic plastics artists. Provincial museum of Salamanca. Organized by the Independent Community of Castilla and Leon and Diplomatic Representations in Spain.



2012 - Communication: Memory of paper. Work selected the XL, Graphic Arts International Award. Carmen Arozena 2012, Led by Brita Prinz Gallery, Madrid.

2011 - Award Arab personalities living in Spain, Recognition of contemporary career artists, granted by the League of Arab States and the Arab Diplomatic Representations in Madrid.

1997 - First prize in graphic design of logo Hispanic-American Summit, Cooperation, granted by the Spanish International Cooperation Agency.

1987 - Prize in the 90 Hours of Contemporary Painting. Park Shopping, Brasilia.

1984 - Finalist I Painting Competition. Tetuan Municipality of Madrid.



1998 / 13- Workshop Arabic Calligraphy Art, Official Language School, Madrid, Malaga and Cordoba,  School of Translators of Toledo, Casa Árabe of Madrid and Cordoba , Arabic Department, University Autonomous of Madrid and Castilla la Mancha.

2011 - Workshop Ething, Residence Artists Hispano-marocains in Chaouen. Organized by Chamalía Association and the Institute of Fine Arts of Tetouan, in collaboration with the Faculty of Fine Arts of Valencia and the Spanish Embassy in Rabat.

2010 - Create and write in Spanish Morocco, Power Point Presentation Profile Contemporary Art in Morocco. Within the framework of the II International Congress Hispanoafricanos Literary Studies: Africa and peripheral writings in Spanish. Auditorium CaixaForum, Madrid.

2010 - Residence Artists Ifitry Workshop / Ething, Centre d'Art Contemporain d'Essaouira. With Premium and sponsorship Maroc Magazine Art du Maroc.

2009 - Residence Artists Workshop / Ething, French Institute of Tangier-Tetuan. Organized by French Institute and the Institute of Fine Arts in Tetouan.

2005 / 08- Workshop Experimentation and research in language etching, Falconieri House, Cagliari. Italy.

2003 - Seminar Mobilizing the Mediterranean: Migration, Alterity, identity, Presentation of authenticity and modernity through arabic art, organisers European Institute Florence and The Institute of Romance Studies London.

2002 - Etching workshop, XXIV Moussem The International Cultural Festival of Asilah, Organized by the Foundation Forum de Asilah, Morocco.

2002 - Course. Panorama of contemporary art. Arabic culture and civilization in the real world, directed by Pedro Martinez Montávez. Summer courses in the International University of Andalucia, Latin American headquarters Santa Maria de la Rábida. Palos de la Frontera, Huelva.

1989 - I Hispanic-Moroccan Intellectual Encounters, Marrakech.

1989 - Audio-visual presentation Hispanic-Moroccan painting, Cultural Center of Hortaleza. Madrid.

1987 - I Congress of Plastics Artists in Madrid.

1987 - Audio-visual presentation Situation of contemporary painting in Morocco. Department of Design. University of Brasilia.

1985 - Round table Moroccan contemporary Art. Association of Friendship Hispanic-Arabic, Madrid.

1984 - International Cultural Festival of Asilah, Creation: another face of Hispanic-moroccan relations, Asilah, Morocco.

1993 - Painting workshop directed by Jose Hernandez in a Summer Course by the University mplutense de Madrid in El Escorial.

1983 - Round table The Islam and art, Colegio Mayor Chaminade, Madrid.



2005 - Building friendship / Binaa assadáqa Citizen Commemoration from Spain to Morocco, II Anniversary of the attack of Casablanca 16 of May of 2003. Concept and coordination.

2004 - SADÁQA / Building friendship, Public offering from Morocco to Spain. Anniversary of March 11 terrorist attack in Madrid. I Anniversary of the attack of Madrid 11 of Mars of 2004. Traveling exhibition: La Casa Encendida in Madrid. Cultural centre Las Dehesillas de Leganés, Railway Museum of Madrid, Ateneo de Malaga, Juan de Mariana de Toledo Centre,

Fundación Tres Culturas del Mediterráneo, Sevilla. Concept and coordination.

1993 - Photography Exhibition Tangier in Black and White photos from the end of the XIX century and beginning of the XX century in the archives of the ational Library of Madrid and the EFE Agency of Madrid. Curator with Alberto Gomez Font. raveling exhibition: Tanger, Tetuan, Rabat, Casablanca, Lisbon, Rome, Bordeaux and Madrid.